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So the Microsoft XBOX One is all the rage ever since E3. Microsoft showed off how the new next-gen console is going to be the one electronic piece that centers around your home electronic systems. Being able to control everything on your television all through the XBOX One is quite impressive. The demo shown displayed someone switching between movies, games, and television all with their voice. Also using voice commands to locate and watch television! I haven’t seen anything this cool since Back to the Future Part II when one of the characters told the television what channels to watch and they all appeared based off his voice. Check the video below for a demo.

It’s amazing how the XBOX One dashboard functions! Not only is this system going to revolutionize gaming, but your living room in general! Social is going to the next level with Skype integration with the XBOX One and Kinect. Instant switching is also truly impressive with it’s speed.

This new console is going to blow the socks off the competition and if you want to get one be sure to check out our partner’s offers!

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